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About Us:
We are a Blockchain specialized company that provides expertise in blockchain
application development services for businesses worldwide. Apart from development
assistance, Blockchain Career Training and Entrepreneurship Products & programs are
major parts of our business

We have two of years of professional experience in this field.
Blockchain Development Services:

we provides development services in the following domains

1.lockchain Mobile, Desktop & Web Applications
2.Ethereum Decentralized Applications (DApps)
3.Enterprise-grade Private blockchain solutions using Hyperledger Fabric & Sawtooth
4.Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
5.AI Powered Blockchain Application services
6.IoT Integrated Blockchain based solutions
7.Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development services

Portfolio for blockchain development

Project 1:Bunny BRT Project
App Features:
• Token Staking: Allows users to stake BRT tokens
• Rewarding through Airdrops: Users rewarded for their BRT tokens

Developed Recently . Still in-progress
Technologies used
• ReactJS
• React Bootstrap
• Redux toolkit
• Web3 / Web3Modal
• Solidity

Project 2:
Following are proof of stake based blockchain
systems, where you can lend crypto assets in order
to generate high returns. You can check these out at

Project 3:
Ethereum Document Verification System Apphttp://binance-brt-staking.surge.shETG Finance

Project 4:application developed on ethereum

Project 5: Lending & Leasing using NFTs
A Decentralized Finance (DeFi) app that allows people to lend and lease funds using NFTs
through polkadot substrate network
Status : In-progress
Demo Link:

Project:6 It has been built using IPFS, Ethereum, react js, react native, Ropsten,

Blockchain Used
Binance Smart Chain has been used to create this product
Demo Link

Project 8: Covert Carbon
It’s a recycling platform , an ecosystem, a reward system that will revolutionize the present
Technologies used
• ReactJS
• React Bootstrap
Blockchain used
Web3 js
Demo Link: , Status : in progress

Projet 9 :
Ijaz Khan

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